Sophie Stadler – Colophon

This site has two goals: to tell you a little bit about myself, and to be as fast as possible.

One of these is pretty easy to do; the other is a bit trickier. Here’s how I’ve optimized for speed so far:

  1. System fonts: San Francisco is a really nice font. As GitHub, Facebook, and others have done, I’ve adopted it for my own use. This saves you from having to download anything.
  2. Hosting: GitHub Pages are pretty fast. Maybe other hosts are faster, but this is good enough for now.
  3. Smart CSS: I can’t recommend Basscss highly enough. It’s intuitive to use, scalable, and looks great. Also, it’s quick and sustainable because of functional CSS.

I like documentation a lot, so I keep a log of this site’s releases on GitHub.

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