The data presented in this report was collected using Last.fm, Reporter, and Sleep Cycle over the course of two months in Paris. These services were super useful in helping me gain insight into my daily activities while abroad, and I’d recommend them all.

This site makes use of Flask, Frozen Flask, Chartkick, Last.fm, and Foursquare, among other services. You can check it out on GitHub.


I’d also like to discuss some of the possible biases in my data.


The most recorded response to “What are you doing?” was “On the computer.” I can say with 100% certainty that I didn’t spend most of my time in France on the computer. However, the likelihood that I would report my activities while simply sitting around was much higher. This, I imagine, is why the frequency of reports for sedentary activities is so high, and why my constant excursions around the city are represented much less in the data.


Music data is less comprehensive than I would have liked due to Spotify’s offline listening mode. This state, which I used whenever I wasn’t at home, disables scrobbling to Last.fm. As a result, none of the music I listened to while commuting or traveling around the city was recorded. Unfortunately, I’d say that about half of my plays went undetected as a result of this unavoidable setting.

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